Recruiting and reporting excellence

Improve marketing effectiveness and reduce your lead performance vendors by having the tool right in the CRM.

A Fully Integrated Dynamic and Responsive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed and built specifically for Higher Ed Institutions; The XCAS CRM provides Real-time Business Intelligence Analytics & Tracking at the click of a button.

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Lead Integration

XCAS integrates seamlessly with your current CMS, third-party Lead Vendors, Texting Vendors & Email Automation Vendors via APIs, driving leads and inquiries directly into the XCAS platform.

CRM - Student Admissions

A Dynamic & Responsive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Student Admissions system designed and built specifically for Higher Ed Institutions.  XCAS includes a fully integrated Document Management System (DMS), with integrated forms and files that help you improve productivity and drive standardized workflow.

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CRM - Business Intelligence

With Real-time Business Intelligence (BI) providing Analytics & Tracking at the click of a button, XCAS helps you to manage your institution, plan strategic initiatives, track your ROI and improve institutional effectiveness.  An integrated Geospatial Mapping System (GMS) gives a visual representation of where your students and potential prospects live to drive targeted marketing.

CRM - Student Accounting

XCAS includes built-in Student Accounting, and can also integrate with external accounting software.  XCAS can support cloud-enabled FA/Title IV providers that are open to integration with Forms or API sync connections.

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CRM - Professional Services

Complete Implementation, Training & Support for a seamless transition from your current systems.

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