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CRM - Lead Integration

XCAS integrates seamlessly with your current CMS, third-party Lead Vendors, Texting Vendors & Email Automation Vendors via APIs, driving leads and inquiries directly into the XCAS platform.

CRM - Student Admissions

A Dynamic & Responsive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Student Admissions system designed and built specifically for Higher Ed Institutions.  XCAS includes a fully integrated Document Management System (DMS), with integrated forms and files that help you improve productivity and drive standardized workflow.

CRM - Business Intelligence

With Real-time Business Intelligence (BI) providing Analytics & Tracking at the click of a button, XCAS helps you to manage your institution, plan strategic initiatives, track your ROI and improve institutional effectiveness.  An integrated Geospatial Mapping System (GMS) gives a visual representation of where your students and potential prospects live to drive targeted marketing.

CRM - Student Accounting

XCAS includes built-in Student Accounting, and can also integrate with external accounting software.  XCAS can support cloud-enabled FA/TitleIV providers that are open to integration with Forms or API sync connections.  

CRM - Professional Services

Complete Implementation, Training & Support for a seamless transition from your current systems.


SIS - Visual Scheduling

A Comprehensive Student Information System (SIS) that leads the way in Visual Scheduling, Resource Management and Student Engagement for single and multi-campus locations.

SIS - Grades & Attendance

XCAS provides complete tracking of Grades & Attendance, complete with file storage, various reports and the ability to integrate with various LMS Vendors.

SIS - Student Web Portal

A Fully Integrated Student Web Portal, featuring a user-friendly responsive design.  The XCAS portal provides students with access to their  class schedules, grades, attendance, personal files, events and their complete financial history including the ability to make secure payments.

SIS - Career Services

The XCAS Career Services  module provides full functionality to implement and track all student Internships & Placements.  Reports are available at the click of a button for all Grad Stats (completions/incompletes/employed within 6 months/internship hours/etc.)

SIS - Professional Services

Complete Implementation, Training & Support for a seamless transition from your current systems.


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Lead Integration

Student Admissions

Business Intelligence

Student Accounting

Professional Services


Visual Scheduling

Grades & Attendance

Student Portal

Career Services

Professional Services


XCAS – CRM Complete

XCAS – SIS Complete

Professional Services

Implement the XCAS- CRM on its own, the XCAS-SIS on its own, the full XCAS-ENTERPRISE suite, or you can start with individual modules.  Let’s explore the best fit for your institution.  Let’s chat!

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